At the Hotel Delfin, we are proud to be part of a growing number of people and businesses that are very committed to minimize our carbon footprint trying to protect our one and only home we have: Mother Earth.

Specifically we are have done the following things trying to be the most environmentally friendly property within our current financial possibilities:

a)      Solar Hot Water for the Hotel as well as the Apartments through the highly efficient new vacuums tubes, even producing hot water under cloudy conditions, with only an electrical support instant heater for peak consumption times.

b)      Solar Hot Water for the Pool through new black pressure PVC Panels.

c)       We separate our waste, i.e. PET plastics, metals, batteries, and we use all organic waste and compost it for our little, but productive vegetable garden.

d)      The whole Hotel was switched to low energy consumption light bulbs last year.

e)      We have our own well and use a energy efficient 4 cycle pump to get the water into our main water tank on our roof and gravity feed this way the water into the whole hotel without the need of pressurizing pumps.

f)       A four chamber septic tank system that pre-filters and treats our black water before it goes into the municipal sewer.

g)       Each room is connected at the back to a ventilation shaft on the cool north side of the property that creates a constant cool breeze in the rooms.

h)      We encourage our guest to help us support our Eco-efforts with trying to safe water, reusing towels when possible and turning off the light and fans when leaving the room.

We would love to be able to be completing soon the last big step in order to be a certified carbon neutral hotel:  The acquisition of photovoltaic panels to produce the energy we still consume.

Thank you very much for your support!

The Hetz Madrigal Family

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